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Music Crush – St. Vincent

18 Jan

This lady makes me want to be so much better, I really don’t give girl guitarist a good name.

At least she makes up for my lack of guitar talent…what I am saying is she makes me want to keep practing til my fingers bleed…thank you miss annie!


There is no Cowboy in my hair.

29 Nov


Music Crush Monday: The Tallest Man on Earth


So for months and months I have had one ambigious line from a song that I did not know the name or the artist. Over and over this line would pop in my head but alas I could never find out who sung it. And so I googled, I tapped into all my musical knowledgeable people  and no one could figure it out.


Until last weekend stuck in an old volvo for a few hours BANG it hit me! That voice in my head covered Paul Simon “Graceland” googled YES Tallest man on Earth! Yes! The Gardner! YES!


And so I say fall in love with him because his music wont let you down, sigh.



Music Crush Monday

8 Nov


I cannot stop listening to Nathaniel Rateliff! Gosh, if only I could write songs like him.

It is just such a perfect time to have been exposed to his songs. They make me feel like I am not the only one whose felt this.


I want ran around wailing, I want throw my arms and shake.

I guess you get too hard to remember and I cant put a finger on it.

I’ll reach a point and i’ll quit running.

Too tired to move my legs

Whats the hold up why keep stallin


I’m just a half wit easily floored

I think Ill fall out and try it again

I think its long gone and so far we’ve failed

I wonder what we really are.

Whimper and Wail

Now added to my list of people who it would be a dream to get to sing with.





25 Oct

I will be playing at the Gypsy Den not in the creepy streets, although I kinda would do the street again. Its less scary.

Audrey Music

23 Oct

Audrey Hepburn quote

My demo is coming along, six tracks of me.

It is kind of scary for me to think about.

Got to stay positive.

Audrey & the Deer is possible…

I will share a track soon!


What have I been up to lately?

20 Oct

Late nights spent singing on the streets on Santa Ana

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Audrey & the Deer, posted with vodpod